Daily Horoscope: Saturday November 26, 2016


A strong drive for freedom causes you to take a bold risk and do something different like applying for an overseas job or studying abroad; both are possibilities. It’s important for you to break away from convention. When you do what others expect, you feel tired and flat. Surprising the public gives you a thrill. You enjoy being thought of as a rebel. You do have a rare opportunity to achieve what very few before you have done. Set a lofty goal and focus on it like a laser.


Trust your intuition about romantic desires. If you are drawn to someone special, ask them for a date. There’s a good chance the object of your affection shares your desire. The chemistry between you is powerful. That’s a very good thing, since your sensual side is highly developed. Are you already in a relationship? Arrange a special surprise for your amour. Tailor this event to their tastes. Your care and thought will be warmly rewarded. Passion flows freely; be sure to tap into it.


If you’re looking for love, let a friend set you up on a blind date. Your nearest and dearest have good instincts about your ideal partner. It will be refreshing to discuss art, politics and culture with a well-informed person. There’s a good chance you’ll talk long into the night. Do you have a committed partner? They’ll receive good news that benefits you both. Take this opportunity to celebrate in style. It’s important to mark these special occasions; they’ll sustain you in more difficult times.


The best way to achieve career prominence is to be different. Following conventional wisdom will only make you lag behind those who first hit upon the winning formula. By creating an unusual product or service, you’ll have a way to pull away from the pack. Are you unemployed? An unorthodox job offer will be made. Accept this position. You’ll enjoy making up the rules as you go along. Trust your superior leadership skills to help you during the awkward learning stage.


Being able to share your expertise with others will be lucrative. Accept a job opportunity at a school or college. You’ll enjoy empowering people to find better jobs, make beautiful artwork or make better financial choices. It doesn’t really matter what subject you teach, as long as it gives you pleasure. Your course will become so popular that people will encourage you to expand it. If they do, ask for a raise. Your talent is valuable and should be treated accordingly.


You’re able to find financial relief. Transferring balances to a no-interest credit card will allow you to pay off your debt over a relatively short period. Resist the urge to put any further charges on this account. That way, the sum that you owe will constantly go down, making it easier and easier to reach your goal. If you’re in good economic shape, think about making some improvements to home. Upgrading the electrical or plumbing system will add tremendous value to a property.


An unusual partnership stimulates your intellect. Don’t be surprised when you start having creative breakthroughs on a regular basis. Discussing original thoughts on a regular basis makes you more inventive. Instead of going the predictable route, you tend to explore side avenues as a means to arrive at your destination. People will marvel at your contributions and think of you as a great problem solver. Don’t be surprised when you’re asked to take the helm of a troubled community organisation. You will put it on the right track.


Undergoing an alternative healing therapy will be effective. Don’t be afraid to try acupressure, aromatherapy or Reiki. It can be effective in relieving a nagging ache or pain. Stuffy friends and relatives will tease you about this treatment. It may be best to keep your cure secret. That way, you can enjoy its effects without being put on the defensive. Once your discomfort subsides, you’ll have more energy to pursue the work assignments you enjoy best. This is a great fringe benefit.


Falling in love at first sight is a distinct possibility. You enjoy spending time with someone who challenges your assumptions and contradicts your assertions. To outsiders, it seems like you are always arguing with your amour. That’s true, but there is a great deal of affection underlying this bickering. When you’re together in private, you quickly fall into each other’s arms. Are you already in a relationship? Your partner has a lovely surprise for you. Show your appreciation.


An unusual home life is a source of pride. You enjoy surprising friends with your offbeat arrangement. On the surface, you seem utterly conventional. When it comes to your private life, you’re original. Instead of assigning chores according to traditional roles, you rotate them among every member of the household. Rather than organising rooms by their usual function, you set them up according to your own tastes and habits. The result is startling but effective.


Joining an unusual group in the community will be stimulating. You love being surrounded by offbeat people who have original views. It’s such a relief after being bombarded with predictable messages from the media. You’ve never been the type to parrot the dominant narratives. Instead, you strive to lead an authentic life that’s a reflection of your unique beliefs. This often means looking and behaving in ways that set you apart from the crowd. This doesn’t mean forgoing friendships.


Punching a clock doesn’t give you the creative freedom you need to succeed. Find a way to earn a living via unconventional means. Striking on an unusual way to make money will be fun. People will marvel at the simplicity of your method, wondering why they didn’t think of it themselves. The best ideas often seem obvious in retrospect. Be proud of your concept and use it to build long term financial security. Being able to retire early or further your education will be a worthy reward.