Tamarin: She Alleges That She Was Raped Multiple Times: “Li ti pé mét mwa lor latab biro apré…”

It took her 28 years to finally tell the truth about the nightmare that she faced as a child. She decided to make a complaint to the police against Jean-Claude Pierre for sexually abusing her.

The accused man is now aged 51.

The matter was taken into court and the case was first heard in intermediate court on last Tuesday, 31 years following the sexual abuse incident.

The accused has pleaded innocent in the presence of his lawyer Jaysing Chummun. He denied the allegations made that he sexually abused the victim in 1984 (the victim was 8 years old).


The victim is now 39 years old and in her complaint made to the police in 2013, she reveals that she was sexually abused several times. The incidents took place when Jean-Claude Pierre used to come to visit his wife who used to work as nanny at the victim’s place at Tamarin.

“So fam ti pé travay kot nou ék li ti nou nounou, mwa ék mo frer. Ek Jean-Claude Pierre ti pé tir prétéx pou vinn kot mwa. Li ti zantiye koumansman,” said the victim who now lives in Reunion Island.

“Li ti pé amen so garson pou zoué avék mo frer ék ti pé amen mwa lo létaz pandan ki so fam ti pé fér ménaz. Li ti pé mét mwa lo latab biro mo papa pou gagne rapor séksuel avék mwa,” she further added.

The lady said that Jean-Claude Pierre asked her to keep the matter as a secret : “Mo ti pé gagne onté ék mo ti pé pansé ki mo fot sa. Mone maryé avék ene fransé ék apré mo maryaz, mone konsilté ene sikolog. Apré ban séans ki mone réalisé ki mo ifnn byin soufér.”

The accused denied all accusations made against him and said “Mo pa pé konpran kifer li pé akiz mwa apré tou sa banané-la,”. He said that he used to wash the car of the victim’s father and knows the family well.