[Video] Roche-Bois: Selvine Philippe, 20, And Her 3-Year-Old Son Without A Roof, Water And Electricity

Sad story. 20-year-old Selvine Philippe took refuge with her three-year-old son in a tiny concrete room, barricaded with sheet metal, located in the middle of a fallow land in Roche-Bois, including his cousin. His house made of sheet and wood, located in Sainte-Croix, was the prey of the flames more than two weeks ago.

Selvine Philippe, 20, found a tiny concrete house in Roche-Bois. © ANDY VERNY

Selvine Philippe, 20, found a tiny concrete house in Roche-Bois. © ANDY VERNY

Encountered in this makeshift shelter in the back of a dump, the young woman tells us that she has access to neither water nor electricity. This forces her to beg for water from the neighborhood. And as for food, she says, she is provided with a certificate from the police that she solicits the generosity of the people.

On the fateful day, on November 6th, Selvine Philippe went to a boxing match. Upon her return, she made the terrible discovery: her house completely burned and she lost everything. Since then, an investigation has been opened to determine the causes of the incident. But in the meantime, she is forced to knock on all the doors to find help.

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“I have help from the social security and the NGO Caritas, but that is not enough to continue living normally,” laments Selvine Philippe. The hardest part is “having to raise my son in this unhealthy place that is not at all suitable for an infant”.

“My son has to go to school next year, but I have lost all the paperwork,” she says. She blames herself for having to impose such an environment on him… But the young woman says she has no choice, as long as she does not have a more appropriate place to go.

Selvine Philippe has therefore launched a call of help to the Mauritians.

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