Curepipe: 34 Year Old Single-Mother Accuses Her Step Brother Of Sexually Abusing Her

In a statement at the Curepipe police station on 16th October, a 34-year-old single mother alleged that her half-brother, a driver in his 40s, was sexually abusing her. This would last for several months. The alleged victim, who works as a security officer, has decided to break the silence.

A month ago, she filed a complaint against her half-brother for sexual abuse. She remembers that the investigators have still not put him behind bars.  Meera* says that he is constantly re-offending. Meera * is a 34-year-old single mother, born from her father’s first union. The latter had six children with a second partner. The Patriarch has died since seven years.


Two years ago, the half-brother of the young woman, a driver of about forty years, came to elect domicile in the family home. “He occupies a room in the house. At first he teased me. Sometimes he touched me, pretexting ki li pe badine. When I told my misfortune to my half-sisters zot dir to frer sa li pe zis badine avek twa. Pa pran li mal.

Since August 2016, my half-brother has been violent. Li pran enn kouto li dir si to al dir sa kiken mo pou touy twa.” She declares that in the evening around 11 pm, when everyone is in bed, his half-brother enters her room and sexually abuses her.

“Mo lite avek li. Li tap mwa kalot ek koumans menas mwa. Apre li gagn relasyon avek mwa. The young woman said that for more than three months she had been sexually abused by her half-brother, four to five times a week. In addition, she claims to have been sodomized. For fear of retaliation, she suggests that she prefers to remain silent. “Mo latet fatigue. Mo nepli kapav siportt sa. Mo finn dir mo demi-frer mo pou al lapolis si li kontinye. Li dir ale, person pa pou krwar twa ek apre to pou trouv lamor,” says the victim.

Her neighbors advised her to report her half-brother to the police. Indeed, she filed a complaint. She was then taken to the hospital in Candos where she was examined by a police doctor. She also reported the case to the Vacoas Family Protection Unit.

“My half brother was not worried by the police and in the evening he continues to abuse me. I phoned the police to find out where the investigation was. The officers tell me they have not yet got their hands on him,” she recounts. On the police side, we are informed that an investigation has been opened. The case is treated with care to see more clearly in the testimony of the victim.

  • the first name of the lady has been changed.