Illegal Trade Of Tortoises: Three Individuals Arrested

The hand in the bag. While they were expecting to meet prospective buyers, “three” individuals with a bag full of turtles of the astrochelys radiata species fell into the nets of the national gendarmerie.

Illegal trade of tortoises.

Illegal trade of tortoises.

The information indicates that one of the three suspects is “a gendarme who officiates at Ivato airport”. The other would be “an international consultant with a master’s degree in contract award and who frequently works for certain local representations of major international bodies”, while the latter would be a lambda person.
The scene was played near Ampasapito, around 11 am yesterday, Saturday November 26.

Alerted by a “simple citizen”, the organizations and civil society, through the project Enforcement of the law against abuses on natural resources in Madagascar (Alarm), “initiated investigations to cross-check information and identify suspects Traffickers,” says an informed source. All the evidence gathered, the members of the Alarm project decided to alert the police.

It follows, therefore, the establishment of a strategy to push the suspects to the fault and pick them cold. During the preliminary contacts, the alleged traffickers would have proposed a species of tortoise named Angonoka, or tortoise to its scientific name Astrochelys yniphora. A genre that, because of its rarity, is sold at a high price in the system of illegal trade in natural resources. Some sources speak of buyers willing to pay “more than $ 2,500 per unit”.