Accident In Moka: Didier Anthony Of KOMIKO Arrested With Haschich, Cannabis And Synthetic Drugs

A 33-year-old comedian laughed yellow. Didier Anthony, part of the Komiko troupe, was busted by the police. He is under arrest since Sunday November 27. The Moka police found a certain amount of hashish, cannabis and synthetic drug in his vehicle after a car accident.

Didier Anthony of Komiko troupe.

Didier Anthony of Komiko troupe.

What was the artist doing with these drugs? This is what the Moka police are trying to investigate. It was around 1:30 am on Sunday when the alert was given. An accident has just occurred in Moka. The police immediately proceed to the scene indicated where they found a gray Toyota Hiace on the spot.

The vehicle, which was heading towards Saint-Pierre, made an exit from the road and ended against a wire fence. The police, who expected to see the driver in the vehicle, did not see anyone on that night. The vehicle was unoccupied. A search was started after evaluating the plate number of the vehicle. Not seeing anybody around, they took the van to the police station.

Blood samples
The vehicle is then subjected to a search to find any indication that could lead to the driver. But police officers were far from suspecting they would discover several types of drugs, including five sachets containing hashish, one containing a certain amount of synthetic drug and a third containing cannabis. Sheets of rolling paper was also found.

Didier Anthony went to the police station soon after. He explained to the police that he was driving the vehicle. He was immediately placed under arrest. Blood samples were taken. The report will confirm whether the humorist was under the influence of one of these drugs he was carrying.
The artist acknowledged that these drugs belonged to him. “I bought them,” he told the police. On Sunday afternoon, he appeared before the Bail and Remand Court on a provisional charge of possession of dangerous drugs. The police objected to his bail. He will have to appear in Moka court on Monday November 28.

Miselaine Duval-Vurden, the head of the troupe, said it was “sad”. “Right now,” she said, “we do not know what exactly happened. It’s only on Monday that I will know more about this issue. Artists have a private life. He was arrested after working hours. The company is not responsible for this kind of behavior. Everyone must be responsible for his actions. I deplore what happened. If we have to take sanctions, we will.”