[Audio] Didier Anthony: “Mo pane touye personne”

“I have neither assaulted nor robbed nor killed anyone. I did not drink and hit someone. This is not the case. For [what I am reproached], we will see that afterwards,” said comedian Didier Anthony of the Komiko troupe to Radio Plus on Monday afternoon November 28 after his release on bail.


Arrested on a provisional charge of possession of dangerous drugs, the artist says he must “reflect on what really happened”.

Listen to audio:

Didier Anthony was arrested by Moka police on Sunday (November 27th). Haschich, cannabis and synthetic drugs were discovered in his vehicle while he was off the road. The artist acknowledged that these drugs belonged to him. “I bought them,” he told the police.

He had to provide a bail of Rs 5,000 and sign a debt recognition of Rs 50,000 to regain parole.