Daily Horoscope: Monday November 28, 2016


Your charisma levels are high. Use the power of your personality to attract exciting professional opportunities. If you’ve ever wanted to work in a foreign country, this is a great time to do so. Apply to companies that are headquartered overseas. Studying in a foreign country is another possibility. Your passion for a particular subject will impress an official in charge of recruiting students. Don’t worry about tuition. You’ll be able to get a great scholarship; it’s just a matter of filling out lots of paperwork.


Your love life is starting to heat up. If you’re single, you could meet someone special at a nightclub, antique shop or ecological meeting. The chemistry between you will be powerful. Are you already in a relationship? This would be a wonderful time to enjoy a romantic outing. A candlelit dinner for two, a trip to a glamorous city and going to a concert are among the possibilities. Arrange an occasion that appeals to both you and your amour. It’s important to get a change from your daily lives.


Finding a job that brings emotional satisfaction is important. You’re not the type who can be happy just working for money. Forming a business partnership with someone with extensive experience in your field is strongly advised. Together, you’ll be able to find the sorts of assignments you enjoyed. You should focus on daily operations while others focus on the big picture. Let them create a plan for long term financial security. Not having to worry about the bottom line will be a relief.


Taking control of a creative project will be satisfying. You have a clear idea of the effect you want to achieve. Most people will be happy to follow your lead. Someone who is threatened by your talent will question your choices. Don’t let their petty concerns break your stride. It will soon be apparent that you’re confident in your abilities and won’t tolerate negativity. You may be offered a chance to travel or work at a company that is located overseas. This is your chance to see the world.


Say what’s on your mind, even if it hurts someone’s feelings. Dropping subtle hints has not worked. It’s time to be direct. At first, the person you address will be hurt. They’ll keep their distance from you. There’s no need to feel guilty about addressing a serious problem. You have no interest in changing anyone, as long as their behaviour doesn’t affect you. When someone’s inattention interrupts your enjoyment of life, it’s a different story. Voice your complaint and offer a few solutions to the problem.


A book, movie or song will inspire you to make changes on the domestic front. You love serving others, but your generous nature can be draining. Coming home to a comfortable, stimulating environment will keep your spirits high. Don’t be afraid to mix different styles. The more whimsical your furniture and artwork, the happier you will feel. When it comes to decorating, so many people try to replicate magazine spreads. These looks feel artificial and stilted.


Don’t be afraid to listen to your inner voice, especially when it comes to intellectual stimulation. Obey an urge to take a challenging course. Acquiring a new skill will open doors for you, both personally and professionally. You’ll feel a strong kinship with someone who has an exotic background. Collaborating on a paper or presentation will build your confidence. You’ve been gifted with tremendous intelligence. The more you exercise your brain, the less you feel compelled to spend money.


You have no intention of coming second place. A moneymaking opportunity has your name written all over it. Focus on it like a laser. You’ll get this job by emphasising your extensive experience and self-sufficiency. Your future employer is looking for someone who doesn’t have to be micromanaged. By demonstrating your ability to work independently, you’ll quickly land this position. Put some cash towards a trip you’ve been longing to take. An impending holiday will lift your spirits.


Although you would prefer having a quiet evening at home, it’s best to go out this evening. Rubbing elbows with people at a party will pave the way for a creative opportunity. Someone who is impressed with your artwork will offer to prominently showcase it. This is your chance to make a handsome profit from the work you love best. You’re self-conscious about putting your talent on display. Don’t hide your light under a bushel. It’s time to share your vision with the world.


Develop a unique idea in secret. The last thing you want is to have your work criticised by a short sighted person. Work in a secluded area where you can listen to inspiring music. Instead of trying to please the public, work to satisfy yourself. The results will be unlike anything that is currently on the market. Don’t let that worry you. Instead, approach an executive or investor who has a reputation for being an iconoclast. Together, you will turn a wild idea into an impressive reality.


You’re ready to get down to business. Avoid a friend who is always trying to lure you away from duty. The sooner you finish your work, the faster you can focus on having fun. Going to a big party or professional conference will give you a chance to show off a new outfit to its best advantage. Don’t be surprised when you become the centre of romantic attention. People are enchanted by your cool, calm sophistication. Play hard to get with someone who is overly confident about their allure.


A deep need for freedom will tempt you to leave a secure job. Don’t put your finances in jeopardy. Look for a position that will allow you to work from home or take long holidays. It will take time to find your dream position, but you will be successful. Continuing to collect a regular income will stop you from accepting an offer that is less than stellar. You have excellent skills. There’s no reason you can’t find work that allows you to have a rewarding personal life.