Daily Horoscope: Friday December 2, 2016


After a series of delays and disruptions, you should be back on track at last. Travel is still highlighted in a magical way, but there is something you should experience for yourself, even if there is the odd argument today. In a way, this could make life more interesting.


There may be numerous differences between you and certain friends or close associates. Do try to exercise forgiveness and move on. This will be a busy end to the week, and when you need to feel needed, and start earning your own money again. You should receive a massive boost.


Whatever it is you and a partner disagree on, this should not affect your relationship or your mood for that matter. In fact, a brilliant aspect between Mars and Jupiter is a godsend, and maybe you can leave the kids on their own this weekend. A face to face is essential.


You may be feeling under the weather, but there are certain problems you can’t even talk to your doctor about. These are mainly work-related issues. Do not fret, you’re about to get your bounce back. What happens next will have a big impact on your life. This is no fluke.


You might have been sweet talked into parting with a sizeable chunk of money. But goodness will triumph every time. So do not drift apart. Plus you’re a terrible flirt. Either way, this week should end on a happy note. In fact, your heart is exactly where it should be.


You may have immediately called family and friends to tell them the good news. But the response was not what you anticipated. Never mind. They are just wary in case you get hurt again. The good news relates to property and cash matters. This is for love and money.


Your motivation may have started to dip and getting into shape ain’t easy. You won’t become a lean machine overnight. Health issues will improve gradually though. Above all, a superb aspect to Jupiter in Libra has to add a sparkle to your affairs today- in an intensely personal way.


You and others need to work together in a mutually beneficial way. If you don’t rectify current difficulties- then these feelings are unaddressed and get repressed. Fortunately, you will be offered something better, which will make your life easier. The family fortunes also improve, but its confidential.


No one should tell you how to live your life. No wonder you are exasperated. Family relations remain fraught- while you and someone else are inseparable. Indeed, another bond is being formed, which is an adorable surprise. A few tongues will be wagging today. Best check into a hotel.


Mercury gliding into Capricorn should make you feel less disorientated and able to plan ahead. A different picture is emerging now, and you have the power to change your life. More, the working week should end on a reassuring note, particularly when it comes to achieving your own personal goals.


With Mars in Aquarius brilliantly aspected by Jupiter, the urge to get away will be difficult to resist. Start the weekend early by all means- the thrill of traveling should be an uplifting experience. A guilt- free time might be impossible. From personal experience you may want to exclude one friend.


You may feel upset and affected by other’s failure to pay up. However, a surprise offer should boost your morale and your bank balance today. Call it a special allowance. As for the weekend, help is at hand, and you may be swept away by something shinier and more expensive.