Fatal Accident In Beau-Songes: Kissoon Burthun Dies Of His Injuries 4 Days After

His condition was causing serious anxiety after the accident he suffered on Sunday November 27. But yesterday, Thursday December 1, 64-year-old Kissoon Burthun died at Victoria Hospital in Candos as a result of his injuries.

Victoria Hospital

The sixty four-year-old resident of Carreau Laliane, Vacoas, was admitted to the intensive care unit since Sunday at around 2 pm after a serious accident on the main road of Palma-Beaux-Songes.

He was on a motorcycle driven by his friend, Serge Para, a 53-year-old mechanic, when the vehicle struck a tree. The fifty-year-old had surrendered his soul a few hours later in the same evening.

The two men went to Tamarin for a fishing trip.